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In planetary transfer all gear wheels are constantly linked. Various steps of transfer are reached without rupture of draught by a starting or keeping of a solar wheel, planetary gear wheels or a ring gear wheel of planetary transfer. 1 – the details set in motion; 2 – kept details. Entrance signals In the electronic block of management the information arrives from: The lever-selector with the multipurpose switch of position. Lever installation inclusion of lanterns of a backing, the blocking mechanism of a starter copes at the included range of change of transfers, and also inclusion/deenergizing of the device of adjustment of speed; Potentiometer throttle заслонки about its position. It is the knot known on injection, serves for calculation of points of a gear change; The gauge of speed in a transmission for definition of speed of movement, and also gear change points. If this gauge is faulty, the signal from the Hall gauge undertakes; The gauge about number of turns on a transmission input. Also settles down on a transmission and serves for definition of points of a gear change; The accelerator gauge in a cable throttle заслонки ; it gives a signal when the gas pedal is completely wrung out. After that there is a switching on higher transfer or if it is necessary, there is a switching downwards on one or two ranges of change of transfer number; The switch of brake fires for разблокирования electromagnetic blocking of the lever-selector. The Lever-selector moves from position «Р» or «N» in one of ranges of change of transfer number only at the pressed pedal of a brake; The gauge of temperature ATF in a transmission. When in the block of management of the engine the signal «the raised temperature» arrives, in separate ranges of change of transfer number there is a switching on higher level. It reduces a backlash in the hydrotransformer and reduces temperature ATF – only after that there is a switching on the standard program. Management of gear change process If you move the lever-selector to position «D», ATF, being under pressure, arrives in so-called switching заслонки in a box which in turn operate in the hydraulic way lamellar couplings and brakes. The management block regulates pressure by means of electromagnetic valves and, in such a way, defines the switching moment on higher or low transfer, and also switching transitions. Simultaneously there is a communication with the block of management of ignition/injection – at switching on higher transfer the ignition moment is slightly removed that switching proceeded softly. Signals from the management block arrive further to an electromagnet of blocking of the lever-selector, the combined relay of blocking of a starter and to backing lanterns. If Audi A4 it is supplied by system of adjustment of speed the block of management submits transmission automatics on it pressure only when the range of change of transfer number of forward transfer is included and speed of 30 km/h is for the first time exceeded. Self-diagnostics The block of management of an electronic transmission can distinguish arising defects and to keep them in the computer. Arising failures are remembered in a long-term memory. The memory can be interrogated in a workshop. It becomes by means of the reading out device; unfortunately, possibility for interrogation of the computer by the fan is not provided. If you assume malfunction presence in management of a transmission consider memory of the computer you can only in workshop Audi. Emergency course 4-step АКП If the management block has distinguished defect which essential negative impact on functioning makes, or the block of management is faulty, the mode of "an emergency course» joins. For this purpose there are two emergency programs: If the lever-selector is in position «D», «3» or «2», the transmission a hydraulic way includes 3rd transfer.

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Yep realy interesting interview – it reminds me of myself. Also web developer, music freak producer and working in web :)

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Posted on August 11th 2009

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