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Result the face-to-face often car in service position (the head of the Detail of a body ). Dismantle вязкостный the fan. Remove клиновой and klinovo-ridge belts, unscrew the device of a tension of a belt (has undressed the Generator ). Dismantle a pulley of a klinovo-ridge belt at коленвала after easing of a bolt with internal шестигранником (not the central bolt). Unscrew a pulley клинового a belt of the water pump. Dismantle the top part of a cover of a gear belt. Loosen the fixing bolts and nuts of the bottom cover of a gear belt also remove it. Put the piston in the cylinder 1 in ignition position in ВМТ , see above in this chapter. Designate a movement direction on a gear belt for the subsequent installation. Keep the same direction of movement of the belt which was in the use. Loosen the fixing bolts of a tension roller also remove a gear belt. Impose a new gear belt. If pulley position коленвала and a cam-shaft did not vary, phases timing valves are still established correctly. Safety for the sake of nevertheless them need to be checked up before definitive assemblage: Pulley of a gear belt of a cam-shaft turn so that pulley marks have risen under an arrow on a back cover of a gear belt (the engine with working volume 1,6) or under a mark in a cover of a head of the block of cylinders (the engine with working volume 1,8). If now it is necessary to turn a cam-shaft it can be made only when the piston is in position ВМТ , otherwise it is possible to damage valves or the bases of pistons. Mark ВМТ коленвала is checked through a viewing aperture on a transmission. At the engine with working volume 1,6 l check up also position of an intermediate shaft. For this purpose uncover the distributor of ignition and check up, whether specifies a distributor finger in a label in edge of its case. If is not present, turn an intermediate shaft so that labels coincided. Impose a gear belt, thus watch that position of various pulleys has not changed. Pull a gear belt how it is described above. For all models: a cranked shaft completely turn two times and still check up installation. Screw the bottom cover of a gear belt with the moment of an inhaling of 10 Nanometers. Fix a pulley поликлинового a belt of a cam-shaft with the moment of an inhaling of 25 Nanometers. Thus track correct position of a cover: depending on model of the engine or the fixing pin should enter into a belt pulley, or fixing apertures of a belt pulley are located asymmetrically. In this case all fixing apertures should coincide with apertures on коленвале . Other assemblage is made, accordingly, in an order, the return to dismantle.

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Posted on August 11th 2009

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